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Reminders on what to do when driving through dense fog following Highway 151 deadly pileup crash

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MADISON (WKOW) -- A patch of dense fog is partially being blamed for a deadly pileup Monday morning on Highway 151 near Verona.

Witnesses to the crash say a large band of fog covered the highway where Badger Mill Creek goes under the roadway. The patch of fog formed rapidly as temperatures quickly dropped Monday morning, allowing cold air to slid into the low-lying area.

Adam Gajweski, who travels on Highway 151 every morning, says as he approached a turn he saw what he describes as a "wall of white" covering both sides of the highway. He says for about 50 yards, he couldn't see anything around him.

"I had already adjusted my speed and i had kind of hit a point where i didn't know if i should slow down to 40 miles an hour or kind of carry through," said Gajweski. "Because as soon as you entered [the patch of fog], the vehicle in front of me, which is about 20 yards, disappeared completely. It was zero visibility." 

A patch of dense fog can happen anywhere, at any time.

AARP has these tips if you ever find yourself driving through a patch of heavy fog:

  • Turn off your high beams and turn on your fog lights
  • Slow down and increase your following distance
  • If you can, stay in the far right lane and limit passing
  • If your vision is obscured, use your ears. Turn off the radio and roll down your windows to listen for cars braking, spinning out or crashing.

Investigators say speed was also a factor in Monday's massive pileup.

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