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Two Wisconsin teachers die of flu-related sickness

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GERMANTOWN (WKOW) -- Two teachers from Wisconsin died within days of each other.
    Both sought medical help, but both were sent home.
    One is 56 year old Liz Perry, a teacher at Germantown County Line elementary school.
    Perry was diagnosed with the flu, told to take some Tamiflu and go home to rest.
    The next day she was rushed to the hospital and died within hours.
    Her sister doesn't understand the hospital's lack of urgency.
    "They just kind of blew it off. I mean the whole world is catching the flu. The whole world is getting a cold. And I think some doctors, like some people think it's not as serious as it is. But it is," Katie Perry told WISN.
    The other teacher who died is Corey Moore.
    He works in Milwaukee Public Schools.
    His widow said Moore went to urgent care, was diagnosed with a virus and was sent home.
    He ended up back in the ER, later dying from sepsis.

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