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Worms pulled from woman's eye

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GOLD BEACH, OR (WKOW) -- A woman from the state of Oregon is now part of medical history.

Her story is one that may make some people squirm.

This week, scientists published a report on Abby Beckley.

Back in 2016, Beckley had 14 tiny worms removed from her left eye.

When she first went to the hospital, doctors couldn't figure out what was in there, so they sent samples to the CDC.

Later, Beckley learned the worms couldn't reproduce or get into her brain.

"Once I found out that they were just co-existing with my eye, it made it a lot easier to deal with," she says. "I didn't lose any vision, nothing happened, it feels fine."

Doctors had never before seen these worms in a human.

The animals had only been seen in cattle in the northern U.S. and southern Canada.

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