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Dane county officials warn of potential dangerous fog conditions

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DANE COUNTY (WKOW) -- After authorities say fog was a contributing factor in Monday's deadly 29-car pileup, Dane County officials are sending out a travel advisory for the next five days due to the potential for more fog. 

Mother Nature is blamed for a lot of things. 

In 2008, walls of fog caused several accidents that injured 50 people and killed two. 

"(It was) one of the largest auto accidents in United States history with over 100 cars backed up," said J. McLellan with Dane County Emergency Management. 

Now, the National Weather Service says there's a possibility of seeing similar fog again. 

"People need to slow down because the situation can change with the crest of a hill or the change of the  ground coverage as you go past," said McLellan. 

Emergency management officials are asking drivers to be wary. 

"In foggy conditions, depending on your visibility and much less road conditions are different. It's going to take more than a football field to stop," added McLellan. 

The fog isn't promised, but it's still a possibility on Wednesday night into Thursday morning. 

"What's prompting it is the freeze thaw cycle we're getting over the next couple of days," he said. 

"A melting snow pack combined with a weather system coming from the west is going to allow for increase moisture which could transition us into some patchy fog as soon as Wednesday night," said 27 Storm Track Meteorologist Max Tsparis. 

Officials are now asking drivers, if you see any fog, slow down. 

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