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Walker says "aggressive agenda" is still doable before session ends

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Walker says he's confident his "Aggressive Agenda" will pass even after Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) says it would be a “big lift" to complete the juvenile justice reform package.

Walker and Sen. Fitzgerald met Wednesday to discuss what realistically can pass before session ends. Walker says he’s remaining “very optimistic” despite some doubts from lawmakers on passing the juvenile justice bill. The bill will have its first public hearing Thursday.

Walker says their meeting also discussed the proposal to bring down premium costs under the Affordable Care Act which passed out of committee this week.

Sen. Fitzgerald and Walker have also been at odds with idea to give families a child tax credit and most recently Walker added a holiday sales tax exemption. Walker says at minimum he expects the child tax credit to pass.

“I think they understand that we made the child tax credit itself a priority,” Walker said. “Certainly I’m interested as I’ve been in the past in a holiday sale tax as well the way we proposed it to go beyond just school supplies.”

Fitzgerald did create a bill with just a child tax credit without the holiday tax because he's not sure the support will be there. Some retailers have expressed it would be costly.

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