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All gender bathrooms near completion at Madison Schools

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MAIDSON (WKOW) -- Within the next few months all 48 school districts in Madison will have all-gender bathrooms for anyone to use. Sherie Hohs. districts social worker for LGBTQ students, says it’s a long time coming.

"It’s just like a restroom at home,” Hohs said. “We don't gender our restrooms at home it’s just a single stall a place for privacy and I think a lot of us prefer that when going to the bathroom."

Each bathroom is designed as a single stall with a lock. No major renovations were needed at the schools to fit the requirements. Superintendents and school administrators got together to decide where to put the all-gender bathrooms. Hohs says only a handful of bathrooms are left to finish.

District officials say students are understanding of the new policy and look forward to classmates feeling more comfortable.

"I feel like our youth are highly intelligent and they don't see this as a controversial issue," Hohs said. “You don't have to identify your gender  to use the bathroom you just wash your hands and go to class.”

There was always a policy in place at Madison School that allowed students to use a bathroom of their choice, but not everyone was comfortable doing that."

"Not every kid who identified as transponder, non-binary will access these restrooms,  but for those kids who want privacy and a safe restroom this intervention is necessary.”

We asked for some to parents to weigh in on our Facebook page. One parent wrote, "This sucks, this really makes me want to home school my children." Others saw the move as “concerning and disheartening.”

Hohs argues once they see how easy this can be done without a lot of resources the backlash will die down.

“I think others will jump on board and realize this is doable for our students.”

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