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Child Tax Credit and Holiday Rebate passes Assembly with changes, now heads to Senate

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Madison (WKOW) -- Assembly republicans passed Governor Walker’s plan to give families a $100 child tax credit as well as a one time holiday tax rebate. Before Gov. Walker celebrates a hurdle he faces is getting the bill passed in the Senate.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos made some changes to the bill in hopes more would support it like allowing families to not take the $100 dollars and instead donate it to charity.

“If they don't want to take the reduction or if they don't want to take the check they could go online put down the names of their children and can donate it to one of ten charities on the state income tax form," said Vos.

Assembly Minority Leader Gordon Hintz (D-Oshkosh) says this is just an election gimike.

“It seems to be aimed at handing out a 100$ to voters before the election as an election bribe, it's going to cost the state 177 million, you have to ask if that's the best way to use your resources," said Hintz.

Before families see that money in their mailbox, the Senate has to approve. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says the votes might not be there in his chamber to pass it. Also added to the bill would allow retailers to op-out of the holiday rebate. They could still charge customers the 5 percent sales tax.

“If you have a small retailer that would have to pay more to reprogram their computers or something they could opt out."

Democrats rather see that money spent elsewhere like reducing the backlog of untested rape kits and funding transportation to fix poor road conditions.

"I think it’s a pretty significant failure and by not acting and by borrowing and delaying you just made the work that much more difficult,” said Hintz. “As long as Governor Walker is in office we will never fix transportation in Wisconsin."

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