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Lincoln Hills bill in jeopardy, Fitzgerald calls holiday tax rebate “gimmicky”

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Just a day after the Wisconsin State Assembly wrapped up session for the year, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald called several of their proposals “messy.”

The Assembly made changes to the holiday sales tax rebate this week that allows businesses to opt out of waving the 5% sales tax on specific items. It would be offered to anyone the first week in August. Democrats have called this proposal by Governor Walker an election ploy and Fitzgerald agreed. “The sales tax holiday is gimmicky, which is why the Senate kind of dismissed it during the budget," said Fitzgerald.

As for the $100 child tax credit, he still supports it but would have liked to see both proposals without additional amendments. Recently Speaker Robin Vos added to the bill that would allow families to donate their tax credit to charities.

“The child tax credit were going to see where the support is for it and if it stays there.”

The Senate is expect to come back March 20th where they’ll have more than 200 bills to vote on and one of those is the closing of Lincoln Hills. Fitzgerald agrees the facility needs to close down but called the move to open smaller facilities across the state “complicated.”

“That's a whole other corrections system and there's a lot of questions out there,” said Fitzgerald. Instead he would like to hear input from Sheriff's who run and operate these centers for juvenile offenders.

He blamed the Assembly for rushing through the bill and not having well rounded input from people who work in the department of corrections. Fitzgerald says this could lead to more buildings like Lincoln Hills opening across the state, leading to more complications.

“This would create a whole new system out there and I think honestly the lawsuits would fly and I’m not sure what we would do if that happens, so I still have serious concerns about the bill.”

For the entire interview with Sen. Fitzgerald tune into Capital City Sunday at 9 a.m. where he also discusses transportation funds, gun control and his priorities for the remainder of session.

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