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Jakubowski sentenced in gun shop burglary

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JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- Joseph Jakubowski, the Janesville man who already had been convicted of federal gun theft charges, will spend an additional five years in prison following his sentencing Wednesday on state burglary charges.

Jakubowski became the subject of a 10-day nationwide manhunt in April 2017 after he stole 18 weapons from the Armegeddon Supplies gun shop, torched his own vehicle, wrote a 161-page anti-government manifesto that he mailed to President Donald Trump before going into hiding.

He was found April 14, 2017 on a Vernon County farm camping under a tarp, with several guns, a samurai sword, a helmet and flammable substances. He was taken into custody without incident. 

Judge James Daley sentenced Jakubowski on Feb. 28, 2018 to five years in prison, in addition to a fourteen year federal sentence Jakubowski faces, along with five years of extended supervision for the burglary charge.

Two lesser charges will run concurrent to his federal sentence.

On the count of theft, he was sentenced to three years confinement and three years supervision, to be served concurrently.

On a count of possession of burglarious tools, Jakubowski was sentenced to 1-1/2 years in confinement with two years supervision, to be served concurrently.

The federal sentence connected to the gun theft was handed down Dec. 20, 2017.

Jakubowski was defiant Wednesday about his anti-government views.

"This world needs to change, and by all means if I got to stand against it to try to make some kind of change, at least I tried,"  Jakubowski said.   "But honestly I don't care what people think, if you want to punish me, put me to the max(ium), I don't care.  'Cause I don't want to be out in the world."

"He's a danger to the community,"  Assistant Rock County District Attorney Rich Sullivan said. 

Both Sullivan and Daley noted Jakubowski has refused to reveal the location of twelve, missing guns from the cache of stolen weapons.  Daley says it's almost inevitable the guns would fall into the hands of people who could wreak havoc.

Daley acknowledged Jakubowski's right to espouse anti-government sentiment.  But Sullivan said Jakubowski "crossed the line," when he broke into the gun store and interfered with the rights of others.  Jakubowski's attorney Mike Murphy said Jakubowski's crime was simply burglary, and he spurned opportunity to hurt people during his time as a fugitive.

Jakubowski revealed Wednesday he plans to write a book.


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