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Eau Claire highway crews are already working on patching potholes

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Spring is right around the corner, which means it's almost pothole season.

Dodging potholes can be like driving on an obstacle course, and it's important drivers take precautions while driving during weather where melting conditions are constantly occurring.

Eau Claire County Highway Commissioner Jon Johnson said potholes are created when roads have wet surfaces and then freeze overnight. When the freeze and thaw conditions happen rapidly, the road material expands and pops out of the road.

Johnson told News 18 around this time of the year, drivers need to take extreme caution so they don't damage their vehicle by driving over big potholes.

"This time of the year they are filled with water obviously with this thawing we've had, drivers aren't sure how deep the pothole is or how big it is. So, if you're able to avoid it and if it's small enough that you can go around it, all while staying in your traffic lane, you should do that. We'll try to get out and fix it as soon as we can. If a pothole is unavoidable, just slow down. The real high caution ones are on the roads where the speed limit is 55 miles per hour or more," Johnson said.

Johnson said crews use three different methods to patch up potholes and they are already out clearing up bumpy roads this year, but they may not be aware of every single one on the road.

He said if you know of a pothole that needs fixing, you should contact the Eau Claire County Highway Department as soon as possible.

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