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Road funds to dramatically decrease from $10 billion Foxconn plant

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MADISON (WKOW) --- A new projection shows that the $10 billion Foxconn plant could reduce road funds significantly across the state.

Estimates show from the Department of Transportation the state could lose out on 90 million in the current budget. A memo from the legislature's nonpartisan budget office found out that the state still has 70 to 90 million less for other projects after calculating foxconn’s construction costs near the plant in Racine County.

The report also shows that this reduction in funds leaves state highway funds short and roads are expected to deteriorate over the next decade. Governor Walker says other road projects have not been delayed because the state has tapped into savings from other projects under the budget.

“I for one am not going to raise the overall tax burden on the hardworking people of the state, said Walker.”If Democrats want to again whether its 25 cents, 50 cents, a buck a gallon whatever it might be I think they need to stop focusing on memos and start being upfront with the people of Wisconsin about how much they want to raise their gas tax.”

Democrats say since Walker has been in office he’s refused to address road funding and will continue to ignore the problem if he gets reelected.

This is not the first time this has sparked the debate on how to raise more money for the state for roads. Walker also keeps touting his plan to give families a 100$ child tax credit with the budget surplus, others argue that money should be instead invested in fixing roads.

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