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AG Schimel files suit to eliminate Obamacare

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MADISON (WKOW) ---  Attorney General Brad Schimel is speaking out about his lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act just a day after Governor Walker signed a healthcare bill to help stabilize the market.

Shimel says the governor's bill to lower premium costs and stabilize the health market is unconstitutional. The lawsuit teams up with 20 other states that want to block Obamacare entirely even after Republicans in congress tried to that last year and failed. Schimel argues with so many changes to the law that it should no longer be constitutional.

On Tuesday, Walker signed a measure called the reinsurance bill that will put protections in place to ensure coverage for people even if the law is eliminated. Schimel says he hopes his lawsuit will be upheld because of the most recent change to the law that would no longer tax people who don't purchase health insurance is unconstitutional.

“We discovered now that the tax penalty is gone that means the individual mandate is hanging out there all by itself, then it can't be constitutional anymore,” said Schimel.

With it being an election year many Democrats criticize Walker's decision to sign the reinsurance bill because for years he's wanted to see Obamacare repealed or replaced.

Walker did sign off on the lawsuit. If it goes through a new plan will need to be created to cover tens of thousands of people in Wisconsin.

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