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Pulse gunman's wife to stand trial

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WKOW) -- The federal trial for the Pulse Nightclub shooter's wife begins Thursday.  Noor Salman faces a terrorism charge and a charge of obstruction of justice.  

In order for Salman to be convicted of the terrorism charge, prosecutors will have to prove she knew her late husband, Omar Mateen, planned to attack the nightclub and that she helped him.  

According to the Orlando Sentinel, prosecutors have a text message in evidence that Salman sent to Mateen eight hours before the shooting that could be construed as a cover story.  Also after the shooting, Salman gave three, conflicting statements to the FBI.  At first she said she didn't know anything prior to the attack, but then later she said she knew he was going to do something bad.  Salman signed a 12-page statement, outlining her knowledge of Mateen's plan.  The defense plans to counter that with an expert on false confessions.  

Salman will have the opportunity to testify.  

Jurors will see some of the evidence inside Pulse Nightclub to prove that Omar Mateen was the shooter.  49 people were killed and dozens more hurt in June 2016.

Salman faces up to life in prison.  

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