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Altoona one of three schools in the state to use new smart thermometer technology


Altoona- (WQOW)- Altoona Elementary is one of three schools in the state using new technology to prevent the flu.

"Early detection is key and we've also talked to parents about prevention and hand washing, cough and sneeze, and good hygiene by covering their cough," said Anita Schubring, Altoona Elementary's school nurse. "Parents can teach it and we teach it in the classroom."

Schubring said another way the elementary school is trying to stop the spread of the flu, is by using smart thermometers. 

"The smart thermometers are a great tool for us, myself as a school nurse, but also for parents, because parents can use these thermometers and monitor their child's temperature," she said.

Parent Amy Baumen said she has a smart thermometer for her child, and said it's a great way to keep track of her child's health. 

"It's very accurate, and what's nice about it is, when a child's temperature is being taken, bubbles come up, so the child has something to do while the temperature is being read and the bubbles can be popped," Baumen said.

Schuburg said the smart thermometers can also track what illnesses are going around the school.

The thermometers are available for Altoona Elementary students and families.

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