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Most people in Wisconsin in favor of background checks for gun sales

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MADISON (WKOW) -- When it comes to background checks for gun sales, a new poll finds many Wisconsin voters support them. The Marquette Law School polled 800 Wisconsin voters from February 25th through March 1st after the Valentine's day shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Now more people are weighing in on the gun debate than ever before. The Marquette poll is the first of the year and show a large majority of people living in the dairy state support background checks for private gun sales.

81% support

16% oppose

It’s not a big change when the last time voters were polled in June of 2016:

85% support

12% oppose

However there is a difference in calls to ban certain guns. "There is more of a split when it comes to banning a particular type of gun even though the background checks themselves are essentially consensual," said Charles Franklin, Director Marquette Law School Poll.

Ban on assault-style weapons:

56% in favor

40% oppose

March of 2013:

54% in favor

43% opposed

Where voters are most divided on is the effectiveness of gun reforms:

12% think new laws would reduce mass shootings a great deal.

22% moderately help

19% only reduce a little

43% not effect at all

"If there's this much skepticism that it's going to make much difference and I think that plays into the gun debate as well," said Franklin. Overall about 4% of voters live with a gun in the house, 48% do not and 8% prefer to not disclose that information.

"This is subsequently telling you this is a sensitive issue and that people choose to not reveal whether they do or not have a gun in the household," said Franklin.

The Marquette polls also takes a closer look at the Governor's race. State superintendent Tony Evers received 18% of the vote and Madison's Mayor Paul Soglin is at 9%  among declared democratic candidates. And nearly half, 44% of those who were polled say they don't know who they will vote for, which Franklin says is not unusual with the primary less than five months away. Governor Walker's numbers are evenly divided between favorable and unfavorable at 48%.

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