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Weather cancels, delays flights causing headaches for travelers in Madison

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Strong winds and slippery snow caused some travel delays for people trying to get in and out of Dane County Regional Airport Monday evening.

The winter storm hit Minneapolis hard, canceling many flights, so passengers and people waiting to pick up travelers in Madison spent hours not knowing what would come of their flights. A number of evening flights were severely delayed or canceled. 

Cherise Cam and Alejandro Zuniga were supposed to fly to Redmond, Oregon Monday evening for a work trip. They waited a while and eventually realized their plane didn't make it to Madison.

"When we check in for a flight and they tell us the pilots are struggling to land, it's kind of nice to have our two feet on the ground," Zuniga told 27 News.

They rescheduled for early Tuesday morning and went back home. 

Others showed up to pickup people who were supposed to fly in around 6 p.m. but never arrived. A group of UW-Madison students had planned to meet a traveling professor who was set to speak at a seminar they organized.

"We're here to pick her up and take her to dinner, but right now her plane is circling overhead apparently, so we're waiting to see if they can land here or if they're going to divert to Milwaukee," said student Levi Hogan. "If they divert to Milwaukee, we might drive to Milwaukee to pick her up."

A few minutes later, the students learned the plane had been diverted to Detroit, where it had come from, after circling the Madison airport for at least 30 minutes.

Deb Nies, from Waunakee, waited hours to pick up an author scheduled for a book tour in the Madison area this week. Her plane eventually was diverted to Milwaukee. Nies planned to wait until her friend made it to Madison on another plane or by bus.

"It's frustrating, but I'm so excited to see her, I just want her to get here," said Nies. "They'd been circling a long time, so I'm actually glad that they're doing something different now and flying to Milwaukee."

Planes started arriving at the airport again several hours later. 

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