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Walker asks Trump to reconsider tariff proposal

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MADISON (WKOW) --  Governor Walker is breaking ties with President Trump and asking him to reconsider his plan to impose a 10% tax on imported aluminum and a 25% tariff on imported steel.

An economic analysis of President Trump's proposed trade tariffs show they would cost the country 146,000 jobs, according to a report compiled by the trade partnership. The jobs would be in a number of sectors including agriculture, energy, food and textile manufacturing.    

Walker says Trump's move would have an opposite effect instead of protecting workers it would harm their industry.

"If the president is in my party or not, it's not good for Wisconsin workers and I’I'm going to stand up for those workers,” said Walker after touring Bemis Company in Oshkosh and Seneca Foods in Janesville.

Walker says he’s hoping Trump will understand the effects which would force companies like Seneca to pay millions more a year.

“If you add a 25% tariff on steel they're going to pay $25 million more each year to buy that steel, that's for a publicly traded for a company that made 12 million last year."

The Governor argues there's not a market in America that can support the demand for ultra-thin aluminum for employees in Wisconsin and his hoping there could be an alternative.

"If they don't stop them out right at least make an exception for 10 plate steel and ultra-thin aluminum because there's too many employers and there's too many workers in the state that depend on jobs that depend on having access to that,” said Walker.

Other companies like Millercoors and Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee are also extremely concerned the effect it could have on their business.

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