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Groups demand lawmakers to redraw legislative maps

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MADISON (WKOW) --  Dozens met outside the capitol to show their basketball skills and portray what they call a rigged election system. It was the politician's vs. the people in this match-up hosted by Wisconsin Fair Maps Group. It was a game stacked to favor one side, to make a point about state legislative maps Republicans approved in 2011.

"You're not supposed to be able to rig their districts so they're in power for another 10 years, that’s crazy,” said  Matt Rothschild, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

With unfair referee's and different size basketball hoops the score said it all with politicians outscoring the people (20-0). After the game, speakers demanded lawmakers move forward on a proposed bill to make the redistricting process more independent and non-partisan.

"We want our races to be competitive and contested so that new candidates feel like they have a fair shot at winning and all candidates have to earn our votes," said Renee Gasch, a volunteer leader in Citizen Action Northeast Wisconsin Organizing Cooperative.

A Federal Court ruled in November of 2016 that Wisconsin's map was too partisan and unconstitutional. New district lines were supposed to draw in 2017, but the U.S. Supreme Court put a hold on it. Today, experts say it's unlikely that new maps will be drawn before the 2018 elections.

"The freedom to elect a representative and a fair contest shouldn't be a partisan issue,” said Andrea Kaminski, recently retired Executive Director of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin. “It's a fundamental right the Wisconsin system or drawing other districts has been used and abused."

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