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Design concept proposed for Lake Monona waterfront

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MADISON (WKOW) -- There's a new plan for Madison's lakefront. A local group is introducing a proposal that would give the area around Lake Monona a new look. 

In its 2018 budget, the City of Madison allocated $500,000 for the technical design and plan of a new Nolen Waterfront, connecting people with Lake Monona.

Helen John is a recent UW grad. She was part of a team that designed a concept for the Nolen Waterfront. Portions of her design were incorporated into schemes developed by Madison Design Professionals Workgroup. 

The group is exploring ways to incorporate Frank Lloyd Wright's 1893 boathouse design into a signature park. The park would run between Monona Terrace and Blair Street, connecting the downtown area to the lakefront. 

"You can go from spending the day enjoying the city and walk over landbridges and enjoy, you know, laying out a blanket and hanging out on the grass," John said.

With the allocated $500,000 budget from the city, the Nolen Waterfront project is one step closer to reality, but still years away.

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