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Gov. Walker open to calling a special session on school safety

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MADISON (WKOW) --- Governor Scott Walker says it’s possible he will call a special session to address school safety. The governor said he will release his school safety package before March 20th, when the Senate is expected to return for their final session day of the year.

Walker says he’d only call a special session if both chambers can find compromise on what reforms to pass. “Will see if they can do it on their own or if they need a special session,” said Walker.  

He is sticking to his mindset on how to address school safety noting to how airport security was upgraded after the 9/11 terrorist attack. Walker wants to take the same approach to ensure everyone can feel safe at school.

He also said it’s possible if a special session is called lawmakers could take up other issues, like the juvenile justice reform bill.

“It’s possible they might take up an issue or too, but these have to be subsidence issues these can't just be politics. What is the concrete reason we need to make a change,” said Walker.

Last week the governor and Senate Minority Leader Scott Fitzgerald were at odds again if there’s enough support to pass the bill which would close Lincoln Hills by 2021. Walker emphasized it's ready for a vote, while Fitzgerald said it's not ready for prime-time.

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