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Construction begins on Monroe Street, but EMS crews and neighbors not worried

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Monroe Street is down to one lane in one directions as summer construction gets underway. 

The work is happening between Odana and Nakoma Road and Regent Street.  

Despite the narrow road, emergency service providers aren't too worried about the construction because they say they're prepared.  

Emergency Fire and EMS crews strive to respond in 5 minutes or less, and they're still going to push for that by adjusting which station is going to respond to certain areas. 

"The crews here at number 4 and the crews at number 9 have done some pre-planning on new routes," said Assistant Chief Clay Christenson of the Madison Fire Department, Station 4.

Depending on response times generated by Dane County Public Safety Communications, a station that would usually respond to an emergency may not. 

"Where number 4 may have went to the far west side on Monroe they may switch it over to a response by station 9 over on Midvale," said Christenson. "So we're hoping to maintain good response times in the area."

Public safety officials are building in safeguards to get more accurate arrival times. 

"We don't close it off completely because traffic can still flow and we have to be able to get to addresses on Monroe street but what we do is we build an impedance  so we decrease the speed limit by about half and that will help the computer still determine the fastest apparatus," said Public Safety Communications Operations Manger, Paul Logan. 

The biggest fear is when Monroe street isn't avoidable. 

"I guess some of the bigger worries would be incidents right on Monroe street with the construction being just one lane," said Christenson

Yet residents in the area told us they're grateful for the construction. 

"I think we're lucky that the city is making such an investment in Monroe Street," said Monroe Street neighborhood resident, Anne Morrison. "It's an important part of Madison I think we have to know it's going to be painful but be thankful that it's happening finally." 

Fire station 4 is preparing for whatever may come its way by driving down Monroe Street everyday to see where the construction is and to see traffic patterns that day.

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