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Elections Commission to use electronic polling devices

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MADISON (WKOW) ---  Wisconsin's Elections Commission is preparing to install electronic polling devices for next months election. Voters would be able to register to vote and check in at their polling places with the devices.

State election officials say they'd like to use electronic check in devices sooner rather than later to get feedback on how they well they work or don't. It's called the "badger book program" and election officials say now is a good time for trial and error because they'd like to use these for the August and November election.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures 32 states are using these systems in certain jurisdictions. This adjustment also comes at a time when the commission is working with Federal Homeland Security Officials to test for possible hacking loopholes.

“We’re hoping those assessments will be completed by May or June which we believe will give us enough time to implement anything they are able to identify with those assessments,” said Meagan Wolfe, Interim Director, Wisconsin Elections Commission.

To avoid some concerns some people may have with entering their information on these devices, the commission says they are not hooked up to the internet.

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