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Farmers and NFL players compete in the Farm Bowl

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MINNEAPOLIS (WKOW) -- In an event designed to inspire youth to consider a career in modern agriculture, six teams of farmers and NFL players paired up to complete tasks loosely resembling those on the farm. Team Huskers included Wisconsin dairy farmer Amber Horn-Leiterman and former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings.

"It was awesome! It's a big deal. It's it was very, very much a big deal and a lot of fun!" Said Horn-Leiterman.

Amber and Greg competed as a team through a series of timed challenges! One of the tasks, the Hay Bale Backup, proved to be quite challenging for Greg.

Jennings said "I flat-out panicked!"

Despite the setback, Jennings and Horn-Leiterman were pleased with their performance and the opportunity to showcase agriculture

Horn-Leiterman said  "A lot of people don't know where their food comes from, and with this modern technology or modern farming it's allowing us to produce more with less. It also means less people know where their food comes from. They think it comes from a grocery store, and that's just not true. So this really sheds a light and giving them a face to put with that."

"My biggest takeaway is farming is fun just like anything it's how you approach it, is your mentality behind it and what you make of it. So make it fun, let's have more farmers out there." Said Jennings.

Today, less than two percent of the U.S population touches farming. Many people still consider farming to be an antiquated profession when, in reality, it's driven by innovation and technology. 

Regardless of who took away the title of Farm Bowl Champions, the day was full of excitement and inspiration for the next generation of agriculturalists.

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