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Kicking off National Donate Life Month

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MADISON (WKOW) -- More than 85 flags across Wisconsin were raised simultaneously Monday morning to mark the start of National Donate Life Month. 

The flags were raised at 10:08 am. 

The time symbolized that one organ donor can save up to eight lives. 

Almost three million people have signed up on the donor registry in Wisconsin. 

Lisa Buechner's husband was one of those registered donors. 

He died of a brain aneurysm while workout at the gym. 

He had always known he wanted to be an organ donor. 

"It's just been such a benefit for me and my grieving process to know that he's been able to give others the chance to live and laugh the way that he had for so many years," said Buechner. 

Buechner's husband, John, save 6 people with his organs. 

More than 116,000 people in the United States are waiting for an organ transplant. 

Another name is added to the national transplant list every 10 minutes. 

If you're interested in being an organ donor, you can sign up at or at the DMV.

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