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Cold and Snowy Weather could delay some garden planting

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MADISON (WKOW) -- It may be spring but with snow in the forecast this week it doesn't feel like it, what does that mean for your garden?

While there are some things you can't plant, there are some you can, despite the colder than usually temperatures. 

Annual plants like sprouts and flowers will dieback, meaning it will die from the tip of its leaves backwards.

That flower or sprout would be gone for good, meaning a person would have to buy more and replant when the weather is nicer.

If you've planted perennials and they are already showing some greenery, those will also dieback, however they will grow back.

There are some local gardeners in Southern Wisconsin concerned about the upcoming forecast. 

"There is a lot of concern about what's going to happen to their material that's already planted," said Jung Garden Center Manager, Bill Engelman. "If it's bud, that likely dies back but the plant should still be fine. In terms of planting things they buy here they can wait and then plant them when the time is right."

If you are hoping to get gardening soon, there is something you can plant. 

Engelman says it's a great time to plant bare root plants. 

Bare root plants are trees, shrubs and roses. 

Bare roots can remain dormant while the weather is cold and snowy and then bloom as the weather gets better.

Engelman says the cold weather probably won't cause problems for farmers because most of them haven't seeded yet. 

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