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Democrats say Gov. Walker is running scared of the "blue wave"

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Tuesday’s win for Milwaukee County Judge Rebecca Dallet points to a possible “blue wave” trend in Wisconsin. When comparing 2016 presidential election to Tuesday’s race, Dallet won in a number of areas in Wisconsin where Donald Trump was able to pick up huge numbers, like Kenosha where Dallet won by 14% points.

Many of the counties in south and central Wisconsin went for republicans in 2016 and if you fast forward a year and a half many of those counties flipped to blue. Democrats now believe they have big momentum heading into the midterm elections this fall.

Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Party of Wisconsin are not taking the loss lightly, but instead taking it as a wake up call. Walker took to Twitter saying "results show we are at risk of a #bluewave...the far left is driven by anger and hatred and we must counter it."

Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin says the Governor is worried this blue wave trend is building.

“Governor Walker is running scared and he sees that his agenda is not resonating with the people and those people are beginning to make different choices," said Martha Laning, Chair of DPW.

“Republicans were saying that this victory was only because Dallet won Dane County, but in reality you could eliminate Dane County entirely and Dallet would still win," said Laning.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin says Dallet's win doesn't predict fall election outcomes. They reference when conservative Michael Gablemen won the supreme court seat in the 2008 fall election, which Obama and other democrats won up and down the ballot.

"Of course the republican party said this won't affect the November elections, but you wouldn't be tweeting about a “blue wave” then would you?"  said Laning.

Spokesperson for the WI GOP released a statement in response to Laning statement, “Wisconsin republicans have a great message for voters this fall, democrats are angrier and more motivated than ever to undo the Wisconsin comeback - conservatives need to match that energy to keep moving our state forward."

Governor Walker is reiterating to voters that he’s improved the state since taking office.

"There are good things happening in this state. I think if we get that story out people will respond. I think they want to vote for something not against something," said Walker.

The next true test to see if this “blue wave” momentum continues is the two special elections that Walker refused to call for months. The last time one was held a democrat won a GOP leaning State Senate seat in Western Wisconsin. The primaries for the special elections will be May 15th.

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