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Beloved dog Rusty reunited with his owner

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Shelbie Tripp after being reunited with her missing dog Rusty. Shelbie Tripp after being reunited with her missing dog Rusty.

ELKHORN (WKOW) --- A beloved dog is back with his owner after a couple dramatic days.

It all started Monday, when Rusty disappeared in the chaotic moments after Monday’s rollover crash off County Highway N in the town of Milton. Shelbie Tripp didn't know if she would see him again. But thanks to a local couple, he now back home after a scary couple of days.

“Your body just doesn't know how to react, I was just so happy,” Tripp said. “I just remember seeing Rusty for a little bit. And when I looked over again he wasn't there.”

The long-haired Dachshund was found Wednesday afternoon hiding under a tarp about a mile from the crash scene.

“So they go up there and then Mike (the man who found Rusty) checks next to a shed and he was right under a tarp. Just kind of hiding under there, keeping warm,” Tripp said.

“He said, 'That dog might be just hiding somewhere.' So he started looking around. And he looked in this area here. And called his name really lightly,” said Kris Ellis, who's husband found Rusty.

“He was very hungry and really skinny. He had some thistles attached to his fur that kind of made him uncomfortable when he was walking," Tripp said.

She admits the thought she might not see Rusty again crossed her mind.

“We are best friends. Wherever I go, he follows. If I’m putting on my makeup in the morning, he's right by my feet.”

But the best friends are reunited.

“Oh my god, so happy. It's blows all of our minds, my entire family. We just don't know how it happened,” Tripp said.

She said her other dog Winston was also very upset and lonely while Rusty was gone.

He wasn't hurt in the crash, but Tripp said it may be a while before she takes Rusty for another ride in the car.

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