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Neighbor reacts to search warrant revelations in Beaver Dam apartment explosion

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BEAVER DAM (WKOW) -- Neighbors say they're shocked over what was found inside a Beaver Dam apartment that led to the whole building being torched. 

"Yeah, it is pretty devastating," said Kathy Hagen, who lived in what used to be apartment building 109 at the Village Glen Apartments on Knaup Drive in Beaver Dam. 

It's been a month since the March 5th explosion that generated an investigation by local, state and federal authorities. But for the families who lost nearly everything after a controlled burn of the building, time hasn't yet healed the wounds. 

"Even now, things still hit of stuff that we’ve lost in here," Hagen said. 

She lived on the first floor of building 109 and was the third person to call 9-11 when she felt and heard the blast. Now, she looks on at the charred remains that used to make her apartment, home. 

"My dryer is still wide open there yet," she said as she started pointing at the burned items in the rubble. 

"And that round thing back over in there, that's my slow cooker. This was my water heater right here," she continued. 

She lost even some of her most cherished keepsakes. 

"That's 100-year-old crock from my grandma. I used it for a planter," she said. 

However, Hagen counts her blessings. She has already moved into an open apartment room in the building next door to her old one. She now spends time working and shopping for household furniture and clothes. 

Thursday's revelations about what was inside a part of building 109 startles her and brings back her emotions. 

Unsealed search warrants detail what was inside the suspected bomb-maker, Benjamin Morrow's apartment. Investigators found some 750 rounds of ammunition, two rifles, two handguns, a ballistic helmet and vest and white supremacist literature. Court documents also show authorities found thirteen medium sized jars of potentially "...finished TATP explosive material" in the apartment refrigerator. 

There was also separate collections of explosive chemicals found inside the homemade explosives laboratory. 

"You know it's just shock! I can't believe that we've lived here with all that up there," said Hagen as she let out a deep breath. 

Hagen and her daughter would often see Morrow as he walked in and out of his apartment, but they never expected to hear of his startling stockpile. 

"No, never! I mean he wore a backpack, but I never saw him carrying anything in it that looked suspicious," Hagen said. "Never in my wildest dreams would I think he was doing whatever he was doing up there."

Now, she and others who lived in the building just feel lucky to be alive. 

"Clearly he was planning something," she said. 

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