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Pro-gun rally downtown Madison hopes to change views on firearms

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MADISON (WKOW) ---  A group plans to host a peaceful protest in Madison next weekend about the right to bear arms. A pro-gun rally is scheduled for April 14th outside the capitol, the same day the capitol square farmers market will start back up.

Thomas Leager from the Wisconsin chapter of the NCCPA's is the organizer of the National Second Amendment Rally. Leager says it wasn’t intended to be held on the same day as the farmers market, but hopes to open the opportunity to talk to community members about why they view guns as dangerous.

This comes after several marches nationwide and protests held by students in Madison to rally for more gun reforms.

Dozens are expected to attend and their goal is to educate people that owning a gun is doesn't mean everyone affiliates themselves with the NRA.

Those participating in the event say their message also aims to show that you can own a gun and use it responsibly to defend yourself. Leager said he wants people to be able to ask questions about what there doing without any arguments.

"Will have our own security team, if there are counter protest we won't engage,” said Leager. “We’re not out here to have an argument or fight because we're not scary, we’re people that's the number one thing, where just human beings."

The group says they are working with capitol police to organize this without causing interruption or arguments.

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