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NextGen Founder denies Gov. Walkers claims democrats are filled with "anger and hatred."

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MADISON (WKOW) -- On Monday, Governor Scott Walker was featured on FOX News calling out his fellow GOP members to wake up and stand up against democrats who he said are “filled with anger and hatred.”  This comes just a week after Justice-Elect Rebecca Dallet won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

“The problem is if democrats get into office there so liberal and so aggressive they would repeal things and reestablish them with all the problems before ACT 10,” said Walker. “That's something the people of Wisconsin have to wake up to, their (democrats) rhetoric is filled with anger, but it’s hatred and anger towards me, towards the president and towards republicans in general.”

Walker's use of words is not resonating well with some. California billionaire businessman Tom Steyer is making it his mission to get more democrats in office on the state and national level. He runs a group called NextGen America which focuses on getting more youth involved to help flip seats.

Steyer will spend $30 million in ten states to encourage progressive and millennial voters. Wisconsin will see about $2.5 million, which will be used to help fund efforts for those running against Scott Walker and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

On Tuesday, Steyer met with college students in Milwaukee and Madison and says he does not believe Walkers remarks are accurate.

"There's no anger or hatred involved, in fact what were trying to do is pull the county together and for everyone to realize that every American deserves the rights of America citizenship and the dignity of being an American," said Steyer.

In a tweet, Scott Walker calls Steyer an "extreme billionaire activist and is pushing impeachment & the rest of his far-left agenda. He's spending tens of millions of dollars already and we're a top target.”

Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke also made remarks about Steyer's visit to Wisconsin. In a tweet, Steineke said “If this were the Koch brothers on campus, the left would be on fire. Guess billionaires are cool as long as they’re lefty billionaires.”

The Governor is no stranger to seeing big bucks back his re-election campaign. Steyer defended the tweet by asking when the last time the Koch Brothers were on a college campus.

“When’s the last time the Koch brothers were on a campus and explained what there doing or explain what their spending and how and why,” said Steyer. “Fact of the matter is that I do believe money is very corrupt in American politics, I personally show up and also make sure everything we do doesn’t benefit me or impact my personal income.”

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