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State tests tornado sirens ahead of severe weather season

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MADISON (WKOW) -- This week marks Severe Weather Awareness week. It happens to line up with the statewide tornado siren test.

Severe weather can happen anytime in any part of the state. Wisconsin Emergency Management has the state test the sirens every year to make sure Wisconsin is set in case of an emergency,

Tornadoes can cause severe damage to schools, homes and other buildings. They can also take out power, water and gas lines. Southern Wisconsin has seen several tornadoes over the years, which is why the state tests the sirens every year.

"It's also a good opportunity to let the people living in the state know what they need to do and have a chance to talk with their workplace or their family on what should happen when a severe weather warning is issued," said Andrew Beckett, Spokesman for Wisconsin Emergency Management.

Tornadoes can strike without warning. In the case of a real tornado warning, take shelter in a small, interior windowless room, preferably on the lowest level of the building.

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