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Victim's mother barred from country as daughter's Madison killer sentenced

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MADISON (WKOW) - The mother of a Madison homicide victim was barred from entering the country as her daughter's killer was sentenced in Dane County court.

"What is very hurtful to me and the family is the fact that Fata's mother could not attend this,"  victim Fatoumatta Jallow's cousin, Madison city councilperson Samba Baldeh said.

While 26-year old Ali Hassan's sentence of sixty years in prison came after several of Jallow's family members testified in court about the impact of the killing, court efforts to reach Jallow's mother on the phone in The Gambia failed.

Jallow's mother's failure to be able to enter the country also prevented her from attending her daughter's earlier funeral.

"She couldn't even see where she was laid to rest,"  Jallow's father, Sankulay Jallow says.

"I share your deep concern she was not allowed in the country for the purpose of her only child's burial,"  Judge Josann Reynolds says.

Hassan drunkenly shot and killed Jallow Dec. 21, 2016, at the group home where she worked.  He also wounded one of her co-workers, and endangered the lives of three, brain-injured residents by starting a fire before he left the building.  Hassan says he blacked out from booze and does not remember the violence, although Reynolds says he took steps such as arming himself, disabling the phone in the group home and editing a text message he sent.  The former group home worker for the same company which ran Jallow's home was convicted of homicide by intoxicated use of a firearm in Jallow's death, as a jury rejected the more serious charge of first degree intentional homicide.

Sankulay Jallow says the absence of his former wife as Hassan was sentenced for their daughter's killing makes justice more hollow.

"And I will say, I blame the administration,"  Jallow says of the denial of a visa to his daughter's mother.  "I blame Donald Trump, I will say that."

A Dane County victim witness coordinator told the court she had spoken to Jallow's mother through an interpreter several times since her daughter's death, and conveyed the mother urged a maximum prison sentence for Hassan, but offered no information on why the mother was barred from the country.  No other court official offered any information on why the woman was not allowed to travel to the U.S, given the circumstances.

Jallow says both U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-Wi.)  and Rep. Marc Pocan (D-Wi. 2nd District) failed in attempts to convince federal officials to allow Fatoumatta Jallow's mother to come to the country for the funeral, burial, and sentencing.

Hassan expressed his sorrow to the Jallow family, and was briefly overcome as he apologized for the killing of Jallow with her mother a continent away and barred from travel here.  "I ask for your forgiveness,"  Hassan told the court.

"The wound he done to us, to me and my family and my daughter's mother, nobody can fix that,"  Sankulay Jallow tells 27 News.

Hassan nor prosecutors have identified a motive for Hassan's rampage.  He has no prior, criminal record.  Prosecutors say a relationship between Hassan and another of the group home workers ended poorly some time before the crime, but say Hassan did not know the 23-year old Jallow.


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