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Local man struggles after fire destroys apartment

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Back of Cross Plains apartment building damaged by a fire April 2nd. Back of Cross Plains apartment building damaged by a fire April 2nd.

More than a week after a fire ripped through a Cross Plains apartment building, people who lived there are trying to put their lives back together.

But for Ron Cutrell, the road to recovery after the blaze that left him homeless will be a long one.

“My thoughts basically said get out of there,” he said.

Cutrell got out with just the clothes he was wearing and is now getting help from family and friends.

“I didn't have my wallet, didn't have anything. Everything was still stuck in my bedroom,” he said. “My dad supplied me with some clothes right now. Not a lot. Just enough where I can go to work.”

But such a traumatic experience has also left a scar on him physically as well as emotionally.

“Basically the whole face, forehead, nose, face lips. Pretty much 2nd degree burns. I was at my lowest point. It's like everything else was going bad on me as it is. I didn't expect this,” Cutrell said.

According to the building's owner Greg Niesen, the units on one side of the building were so badly damaged, they will have to be completely torn down and rebuilt.

“I was trying to see if I could salvage any of my stuff, if anything was salvageable,” Cutrell said.

And with no insurance, Cutrell knows moving forward will be hard.

“Not being able to get my stuff. That's the thing. Not be able to go in there and at least have have the expense to have to buy all new things.”

Niesen said some residents will be allowed back into their unit sometime Friday. Others are expected to be back in by the middle of May.

Investigators are still trying to find the cause of the fire.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Cutrell and the other family displaced by the fire. If you'd like to help, click here.

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