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Hail puts damper on opening day of campground

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BARABOO (WKOW) -- Many campgrounds in southern Wisconsin are beginning to open but the late wintry weather may delay the start of the popular weekend activity.

"It was pouring hail and I had never seen that to this degree at the camp ground," said Lollie Wheeler, co-owner of Wheeler's Camp Grounds. "We've been here over 27 years. It was kinda cool." 
Wheeler says the hail started about the size of a pea, but got bigger. 

"Some of the hail was golf-ball sized," said Wheeler. "One-and-a-half inch."

Before the hail, Lollie was outside and heard the thunderstorm rolling in.

"To the north it was charcoal gray, really dark," said Wheeler. "I could hear rumbles of thunder and a little bit of lightning cracking." 

Wheeler spent her morning clearing off this driveway of debris for the soft opening of the campgrounds but when the hail came through it brought the debris back.

Wheeler says she doesn't mind the extra clean up or the damper on the opening. 

"This is going to be a wash and that's okay with me," said Wheeler. "We've got plenty of time to ease into a season." 

Wheeler does believe that crazy weather is becoming more common. 

"I do feel that more recently, with the effects of climate change, the severity of the storms have increased greatly," said Wheeler. 

Although this weekend may not be the best, Wheeler's looking towards the rest of the season. 

"What you're looking for is for the maximum amount of fun for your clients," said Wheeler.

The camp grounds will be open through Columbus Day weekend in Mid-October.

This may be the Wheeler's last season owning the campgrounds. They're looking to sell in the near future. 

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