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Suspect in cat deaths: "cats...messing with my bird feeder"

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PORTAGE (WKOW) - Court records show a suspect in the deaths and disposal of several missing cats in Columbia County told a relative he trapped and dumped several cats, and disparaged the animals.

An affidavit to support the search of 73-year old Paul Greiner's home and car includes his statements to his granddaughter.  The affidavit states Greiner used a slur to describe the cats, as he claimed they were compromised "...and messing with my bird feeder."

Search warrant records show investigators seized a large live trap, a smaller live trap, gloves, and even a can of tuna from Greiner's property.

The court records show when detectives interrogated Greiner, he initially denied trapping any cats, or dumping their bodies in a rural area.  A property owner twelves miles from Greiner's home says the bodies of dead cats began showing up on her land in late March.  She also says she confronted Greiner after spotting him tossing a cat's body onto her land, but he told police he simply got of his car to shut his trunk.

Authorities say several of the dead cats have been identified as cats reported missing by their owners.

Investigators say Greiner ultimately confessed to trapping cats at his Portage home, and disposing of them on the rural land in the Town of Lewiston.  Authorities say Greiner has not commented on how they died.

A state department of transportation official says Greiner was a state trooper for twenty-six years, retiring in 1997.  Greiner won a Lifesaving Effort Award in 1996, after tracking down and assisting a hypothermia victim.
Greiner is scheduled to appear in Columbia County court Wednesday to face a possible charge of mistreatment of animals.

Greiner is yet to respond to requests for comment from 27 News.

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