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With rain on the way, Sauk County officials are concerned about flash flooding

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Baraboo River in Sauk County Baraboo River in Sauk County

BARABOO (WKOW) --- Whenever there's a threat of heavy rain, the possibility of flash flooding increases.

“It's really hard right now to tell what's going to happen,” said Jeff Jelinek, Director of Sauk County Emergency Management.

With freezing rain and snow moving through Wisconsin this weekend, emergency crews are not only concerned about slick roads, but also the potential for flash flooding.

“Right now, we're looking at about 2 inches. The latest from the National Weather Service is 1.99 in the Dells. So we're planning right now for about 2 inches plus another 4 inches of snow right now,” Jelinek said.

Jelinek said flash flooding won't be a big issue if the rain moves in slowly.

“But if we have big down pours and a lot of rain coming, then it could create some flash flooding with the different types of terrain that we have,” he said. “Down the line, we're looking at what's happening up north. Because with the different rivers and they feed either the Wisconsin River or the Baraboo, we'll will be watching water conditions over the next week to see how high the water will come up.”

Even if you don't live in a flood prone area, Jelinek said you should always be prepared because you never know when a flash flood might hit your area.

“With flash flooding, the water is going to come up very, very quickly. So we always have to be prepared for that,” Jelinek said. “We've made sandbags and sand available to our residents at the West Baraboo garage at 618 Highway 136. Also they can call their local municipality and see if they have sand or bags available.”

“At this time no roads are in danger of flooding. I did talk to our highway department and there's really not much they can do right now. Because with the rainfall they could not put down brine or anything like that. So they're going to be monitoring the conditions throughout the evening,” Jelinek said.

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