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Teens stealing cars in Green Bay

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GREEN BAY (WKOW) -- We've seen it here in Madison and it's becoming a big problem in Green Bay, too.

Teens are stealing cars.

Police say since January, 35 cars have been stolen across the city.

They believe two unrelated groups of teenagers are behind the crime spree.

The teens take the cars for joyrides, then ditch them when they run out of gas.

Many of the teens have been arrested, but they don't stay locked up for long.

"It's hard to keep 15, 16 (year old) kids incarcerated, so they have not felt the consequence yet of their behavior, so they go right back out and re-offend," says Cmdr. Jim Runge of the Green Bay Police Department.

Police say most of the cars were easy targets, left running or with the keys inside.

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