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Kids create city designs at Terrace Town

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Kids were showing off their versions of Madison at the 10th Terrace Town.

The event brings architecture, design, and city planning to Dane County Elementary Classrooms. 

Over several weeks, students learned how cities are planned, then designed and built a scale model city.

They showed them off at Monona Terrace on Saturday. 

"They're creating sustainable cities and what we mean by that is how is power and energy happening in the city?" said Monona Terrace Tourism Coordinator, Heather Sabin. "Some ways are through wind turbines, or maybe solar. You'll see green roofs in these cities."

About 1,500 students from 18 Dane County Elementary schools participated this year.

The event has been happening every other year since 2000.    

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