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People and meteorologists surprised by spring snow storm

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Meteorologists at the National Weather Service say this spring snow storm is one for the record books. 

"This is a very unusual storm for this time of year," said meteorologist, Sarah Marquardt. "It's been unusually cold this April so this storm has brought a lot of snow fall to Wisconsin." 

Marquardt said this storm brought a variety of weather.

"Freezing rain, sleet, and then the change to snow," said Marquardt. 

Up in the Green Bay they saw the second greatest snow fall on record, regardless of time of year, according to Marquardt. 

The Pine Cone restaurant in Johnson Creek was filled with diners trying to escape the weather.

"This morning it was really scary so we thought we were going to stay another night," said Julia Nothem of Mayville. 

There were some people that were making the most of the snowy weather.  

"I've been outside most of the day making money shoveling snow," said 11-year-old Evan Cappetta of Watertown.  

Meteorologists say the snow should taper off Monday, but that doesn't stop some kids from hoping for more. 

"It's pretty peaceful when it snows and it just makes me feel like they're might not be school tomorrow," said 11-year-old Dawson Garlock of Fort Atkinson. 

Some kids were even making plans just in case school is canceled. 

"If we do then we can go sledding because the snow will be more compact," said Cappetta. 

The forecast doesn't look like there will be too much time to play in the snow after this week. 

"The next week or so is looking to be below average so the cool conditions will continue but temperatures will slowly increase this week," said Marquardt. 

Average snowfall for the southern Wisconsin area in April is 2-3 inches so this storm hit the quota in one weekend. 

It was a large storm that impacted areas in South Dakota all the way to the Great Lakes and down through the Gulf Coast. 

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