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Gov. Walker denies AG Schimel's claim voter ID law won 2016 election

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Attorney General Brad Schimel is claiming that some elected officials from the 2016 election only won because of Wisconsin’s voter ID laws.

Last week Schimel suggested to conservative radio host Vicki McKenna (WISN) that Donald Trump and Senator Ron Johnson won in Wisconsin because of it’s voter ID law. Governor Walker did not agree or disagree those laws in place were a factor, but did insist both won in because of how they connected with voters.

Republicans passed a requirement in 2011 that all voters in the state must show a photo identification at the polls. Democrats insist that the mandate helps suppress voters especially those who are poor and minorities.

Governor Walker defended Attorney General Schimel’s claims and said he campaigned for Sen. Johnson and noticed his message resonated with voters. He also said many people were not satisfied with Secretary Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy.

“I think the president really connected with a lot of people in the state since they have not been touched nationally at least by any leader from either particular party,” said Walker. “I think more than anything that is why those elections went the way they did.”

A republican candidate for president has not one in the state of Wisconsin since the 80's. The last time was when Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale in 1984.

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