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Governor Walker signs dozens of bills into law

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Scott Walker signed 93 bills into law Monday, including measures to help patients in cardiac arrest and measures aimed at bringing more workers into the state.

One bill allows 911 dispatchers to give CPR instructions over the phone. Lawmakers hope that helping bystanders administer the life-saving technique to cardiac arrest patients before medics arrive will increase a patient's chance of survival.

Another bill the Governor signed puts out a plea for more workers. The new law creates an ad campaign targeting millennials in the Twin Cities and Detroit areas, trying to bring them to Wisconsin.The nearly $7 million project will promote Wisconsin life, like spending more time outdoors instead of stuck in traffic. 

A third bill expands benefits for Wisconsin National Guard members, requiring the State Department of Military Affairs to pay a Guard member injured on state active duty until the member can return to service or the assignment ends. The agency will also now pay beneficiaries of National Guard members $100,000 if their loved one dies of an accidental injury on active duty.

The Governor plans to sign more bills Tuesday, including one that will provide families with kids $100 tax rebates per child and create a sales tax holiday for the August back-to-school shopping season.

Monday's bills were signed at the State Capitol.

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