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From Mexico to Madison, a baseball connection

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The University of Wisconsin is the only school in the Big Ten Conference without a varsity baseball program. That ended in 1991, but in 1999 the Badgers added club baseball and that program has continued to grow ever since.

About 50 players make up two rosters, A D1 team and a D2 team. Each player pays a $40 a semester fee, plus fund raising to help support the team's $15,000 a year budget.

On the D2 roster you will find junior second baseman Alexis Quintero. Born in Mexico City, Mexico, he moved to the United States as a young child with his mother. Learning to speak English in elementary school was one of his first obstacle to overcome. 

"Trying to lose the barrier between English and Spanish I kind of had to do on my own," said Quintero. 

Later in grade school Quintero moved to Wisconsin with his mother. They settled down in the Appleton area. There, it was the language of baseball that helped him connect with his new home. Now, the game has helped prepare him for a life he never thought he would be able to achieve.

Quintero said, "Having that, especially at Wisconsin. I love this school so much, being able to represent it even as a club has meant everything to me and my family."

Despite President Trump's promise to build a wall along the United State-Mexico border, this team knows there's a common bond that can't be separated.
Jake Gain, a teammate of Quintero said, "he speaks Spanish to me, I don't know what he's saying but I try to throw a little bit back at him."

Although these games aren't televised, he is able to keep in touch with his family back in Mexico and talk about baseball with video chat on his cell phone. 

As he talks with him family about the past time he loves so much, his eyes on his future, and how Wisconsin and a school with just a small club team is preparing him for a future he could only dream about.

"I know where i came from. I know where my family came from to being able to incorporate that with a team is something pretty special," Quintero said. 

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