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Schroeckenthaler Driving to New Heights

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Monona Grove's Jake Schroeckenthaler stands at 6'7", and one of this nicknames is Shrek (after the movie). It looks as though he may be too tall for the sport, but he's actually putting his height to good use.  He can drive the golf ball very far.

"He's always been able to hit the ball far," said Monona Grove boys' golf (and boys' basketball) coach Dan Zweifel. "[He can drive the ball] further than everybody else. He'll stand out here for hours and hours and try to hit the street down there [at the driving range at The Oaks Golf Course in Cottage Grove].  And sometimes he does! He [drives] over 300 [yards] most of the time. He drove a green last night that was 340 [yards]. Most par-five [holes] - the longer holes - he's able to reach the green in two [strokes]."

"It's nice," said senior golfer [and basketball player] Jake Schroeckenthaler. "You just hope the extra length in your swing helps give you the extra momentum that you need to hit the ball farther. You see guys that are shorter who can hit the ball farther but they swing really hard.  For me, it kind of helps that I don't have to swing as hard as I possibly can to get it out there as far as I can."

Schroeckenthaler is hoping his monster drive will lead to a state title this year, after placing fourth last year. The tall senior is leading the conference in scoring and has a good chance to be named the Badger South golfer of the year.  This winter, he won the conference's player of the year title in basketball. However, he sees golf as his future.

"It's hard to say, but I am too short to be playing basketball for the position I play," said Schroeckenthaler. "So, I'm kind of hoping golf keeps working out like that. I want to go as far as I can. Whether that be college. Whether that be now. I just want to take it as far as I can."

Schroeckenthaler says he's gotten some interest from colleges for golf. But for now, his focus is on winning a state championship.

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