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Janesville house pelted by hail as severe weather moves through

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Janesville house damaged by hail. Janesville house damaged by hail.

JANESVILLE (WKOW) --- It all happened in about a 10 minute span. A hail storm ripped through parts of Janesville. Neighbors are now trying to figure out just how to deal with all the damage. This after what some said were inch-size hail pelting the area.

“The hail was a lot smaller and the winds were not as quite as fast as they were yesterday,” said Melinda Arensdorf.

“It just sounded like a bunch of things were pouring on top of our roof. And it sounded like it was going to fall off,” said her daughter Mikayla.

The hail hit the back of Arensdorf's house with such force, littering the wall with holes.

“Both walls of the vinyl look like Swiss cheese. There’s just holes all over it. We have four big panels of fencing that are missing,” Arensdorf said.

Her daughter Ryley’s high bar survived, but her trampoline is damaged beyond repair.

“One of the panels flew I would say 20 or 30 feet on top of her trampoline,” said Arensdorf

Arensdorf knows it could have been a lot worst. And hopes they don’t get anymore weather like this.

“We haven’t had them in quite a long time. Nothing severe, not in over six years,” she said.

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