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Congressman Sean Duffy evaluates Husky, says he wants to " learn lessons"

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For the first time since the explosion happened at Husky Refinery last week, we're hearing from Republican Congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, in person. 

"It's pretty shocking to see what's happened to the facility," said Rep. Duffy.  

On a tour of the refinery Friday to assess the damage, and to check in with injured employees, Rep. Duffy says he's hoping he can learn more about what went wrong.  

"We want to look at what happened here, and learn lessons of, what went wrong, what procedures did we not have in place, and make sure that we can learn that lesson and apply that to all of our facilities across the country to make sure that this doesn't happen again," said Rep. Duffy. 

But the burning question remains: what's the future of Hydrogen Fluoride, a potentially deadly chemical, in Superior?

"We're going to evaluate all our options going forward," said VP of Refinery Operations, Kollin Schade. 

Reports indicate a transition to a safer chemical could cost north of $50-million. The congressman said he doesn't believe the federal government should play a role in that transition. 

Rep. Duffy said, "We're $21-trillion in debt as well. We want to make sure that companies and communities make these decisions together, and make those transitions if they think it's appropriate. This is a for-profit company, I don't know that the taxpayers across America should cover the cost of those transitions." 

While questions remain surrounding the long-term impacts the plume of smoke had on air, soil and water quality, Rep. Duffy says he's confident in the work the various agencies have done. 

"We just don't know yet. But, I have ultimate faith in our state and the federal government to come in and do these assessments," he said. 

The EPA and other agencies report there is no concern at this time, but questions still linger.

Rep. Duffy said he will wait until the investigation is complete to address specifics as far as what he wants the company to do in the future centered around safety. 

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