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DNR: Don't be concerned about dead fish washed ashore

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MADISON (WKOW) -- Officials say you shouldn't be alarmed if you see dead fish collecting in lagoons, channels and bays this weekend.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the fish kill is natural. They say the rapid increase in temperatures stress fish and make them more susceptible to bacterial diseases.

"We are aware of the die off event and have collected fish for testing to confirm our suspicions," says Department of Natural Resources fisheries supervisor Dave Rowe.

Small fish kills due to bacterial infections are common in Madison lakes in the spring, but usually happen later in the season. 

Rowe says this fish kill appears to be small in scale. Most of the dead fish are Bluegill, but white bass, crappie and largemouth bass have also been affected.

"We have had several fish kill complaints to the hotline in the last week including Waubesa, Winnequah lagoon, and Kegonsa at Fish Camp and Monona," Rowe says.

The DNR investigated several sites this week and found the fish were long dead, not freshly dead or dying. They say the fish died earlier and were likely just washed ashore from high winds. 

If dead fish have washed ashore on your property, the DNR says you should bury or compost the fish. Do not eat the fish and do not handle the fish without gloves.

Officials say you do not need to report the dead fish to the DNR.

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