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Sauk County officials prepare for weekend flooding, cleanup kits available

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VILLAGE OF ROCK SPRINGS (WKOW) -- Right now, flooding is a major concern across the majority of Wisconsin. Heavy rainfall has hit southern Wisconsin especially hard the last three nights. 

The rain is pushing the Baraboo River past its banks, forcing the National Weather Service to issue a flood warning for some stretches.

The Village of Rock Springs in Sauk County is an area of particular worry. 

The water the village will be seeing is coming from up north where some places got three inches of rain just last night. 

Sauk County Emergency Management officials say they are expecting the Baraboo River to hit 22.3 feet. Minor flooding occurs when it hits 18.6 feet. This will fall between moderate to major. 

"Unfortunately, it's something that we deal with on a day to day basis," said Sauk County Emergency Management Director, Jeff Jelinek. "The Village does a great job. They know where we're going to have issues and I'm working with all the response staff up stream. We know who's going to be affected" 

Sauk County Emergency Management will be monitoring the flooding all weekend. 

The best advice Jelinek has for people is to start preparing now. 

"People know if they get water," said Jelinek. "They've been through this if they've lived around here long enough. We just did this last July, so they know if they experience water issues they need to start preparing now." 

If you need sandbags, Jelinek suggests working with the municipality in your area. In Sauk County, free empty sandbags and bulk sand are available at the West Baraboo Garage in Baraboo (614 Hwy 136). 

Sandbagging is an old flood prevention technique that's simple but effective. When wet, sand hardens but is pliable enough to mold into the shape needed to build a water-blocking structure. 

Sauk County Emergency Management advises setting up your sandbags before flooding is anticipated, because it is not safe to tread through floodwater. 

They expect the river to crest around noon on Saturday but they don't expect the water to go down until Tuesday or Wednesday. 

On Saturday, county officials said they would make water clean up kits available for residents at the following locations: 

-Courthouse -- 510 Broadway, Baraboo; 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday
-West Baraboo Garage -- 614 Hwy. 136, Baraboo; near sand pile and bags, available anytime
-Reedsburg Police Department -- 200 S. Park Street, available anytime

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