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Owners show damage inside Ha Long Bay restaurant after car hits building

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MADISON (WKOW) -- The owners of a popular Williamson Street restaurant took 27 News inside to see the damage done after a car slammed into the building Friday afternoon. 

"At first, I was in shock," Jean Tran, the owner of Ha Long bay, said as she looked at the rubble inside her restaurant. 

Bricks from the outside of the building flew across the eating space as about a dozen people were dining inside. Glass and debris was left scattered around the floor and tables after a Jeep slammed into the corner of the restaurant Friday afternoon, according to Madison police. 

Officer say the driver of the car had a medical emergency but was going to be OK. 

Jean said nobody inside the restaurant was hurt but everyone was shaken up. 

"At first I thought something was dropping, like the floor was dropping to the basement," Jean said as she remembers being in the building's basement at the time of the crash. 

When she rushed upstairs, she found the chaotic mess. 

"I asked where's the woman who was there," she said as she pointed to a table closest to the crash. 

The woman escaped unharmed. 

Mike Schiltz was hosting at the restaurant at the time and helped evacuate those inside. 

"The initial impact shocked us all like, 'Oh my God, what's happening,'" he said. "There were two people sitting in a booth really close. Luckily, nobody was sitting at the table that got hit," Mike said. 

Jean said customers were sitting at the table that got hit, but left minutes before the crash happened. 

"If they were there, I don't know it could have took their life or something," Jean said. 

Now Jean and her husband, Christopher, are left to clean up the rubble. 

"The university's (UW-Madison) graduation is next week and we have all the reservations booked up," Jean said. 

Now, she's worried if she'll be back open in time to serve her customers. 

"I will, I promise every body I will be open soon," she said. 

She's not sure when the restaurant will be open. Now, the owners are trying to get in touch with their insurance companies to fix the thousands of dollars in damage. 

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