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Flood water brings challenges for anglers on opening weekend

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Baraboo River Baraboo River

BARABOO (WKOW) -- May 5th is the opening weekend for fishing across the state. But after areas of Wisconsin received several inches of rain over the past few days, casting a line will be a challenge for local anglers. Fishing on a swollen river can be like exploring new territory.

On what promises to be great weekend to fish on the Baraboo River, the flooding has Dale Parchem thinking twice.

“Opening weekend, it's going to make it a little difficult,” Parchem said. "Water will be darker and more muddy, more stirred up. That makes it a little more difficult for the fish to find a bait,” he said.

Parchem thinks the high, fast-moving water will also keep boaters ashore.

“The fast-moving water will usually make it a little more difficult to try to use a beat or a bobber if you're fishing the rivers. Or if you've got current in a lake,” he said.

People hoping to use the handicapped accessible boat launch at Haskins Park in Baraboo this weekend will be disappointed. The strong current caused significant damage and forced city officials to close the boat launch.

“But once the water recedes, then they'll take a little bit closer look at it and determine what they need to do to fix it,” said Rick Eilirtson, who was at Haskins Park with his son on Friday.

Even though he said he has decent ability on the water, Eilirtson said he's going to take a pass this weekend.

“With the water, right now it's probably not safe for most people unless you have a lot of experience to be on the water anyway. So I wouldn't expect that there would be a lot of people that would safely be using the river this weekend.”

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