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Research: Riding a school bus could hurt a child's health

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(WKOW) -- Riding a school bus could be bad for kids' health, according to the EPA and International Agency for Research on Cancer.

The agency says a source of diesel exhaust from the buses is "highly likely" to cause lung cancer.

According to the agency, a child riding inside a bus may be exposed to as much as four times the level of diesel exhaust as someone riding in the car immediately in front of the bus.

The American Academy of Pediatrics claims the particles in diesel vehicles also worsen allergic and inflammatory responses to conditions such as asthma.

Recently, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group launched a campaign to have federal, state, and local governments convert the entire school bus to electric buses. 

The group says their idea is feasible because of improvements in technology, lower battery costs and expanded driving range. The group projects thousands of dollars in annual savings per bus in fuel costs and say children won't be breathing the diesel fumes.

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